Artha Forum’s Silicon Valley Program update:
June 16 2013: The Father’s day weekend in Saratoga CA, had some other special happenings as well with many distinguished guest attending two events. One was a house program at the home of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Namrata and Sushant Patnaik on June 14, 2013 and the other was a lecture at the prestigious TIE Global Hall on June 16, 2013. 

Both events were well attended by entrepreneurs and businesspersons from the Bay Area and the keynote speaker being H.H. Radhanath Swami. What he spoke on mainly centered on Ethics in Business and Influence without Affluence. Radhanath Swami’s speech was the topic of discussion at a Congressman’s fund raising event where many of the participants had been invited at the home of Silicon Valley Businessman Damodar Reddy. His famous example of the interdependence of the Redwood Forest trees and its relevance in human society was discussed among elite circles.

Forthcoming Artha Forum Pune event:
Artha Forum is conducting its next big event on Saturday, December 21, 2013 in Pune City. For more information, please contact M Ruchi A., Executive Director (Please see Page 7 for details)

Serve cows:
Artha Forum also supports an initiative aimed at looking after the welfare of cows through cow adoption. Now you can support this cow protection program from your home, anywhere in the world, through financial support. You can adopt a cow or cows, and get monthly updates and pictures and even correspond with the care takers. Whenever you are in the area, you may actually visit and physically verify the care and affection that is being showered in this unique project to literally hundreds of cows.

Training programs:
Artha Forum offers value based training and motivational talks to senior management and key operations teams on how to blend business and spirituality and achieve phenomenal results and job satisfaction. Rajesh Talwar, President, Artha Forum conducts half/full day sessions for corporate clients. Recently he has been invited to Pune, Singapore, USA to deliver motivational talks to IT and BFSI companies. Please contact Ms Ruchi A. for details.

We are actively seeking to interest and engage entrepreneurs, professionals, HNIs and organizations to draw from our vast ancient wisdom literature and find satisfaction in doing business without greed and pride and to be an instrument in the hands of God for societal good. 

Artha Forum offers Membership Plans to select individuals and corporates who would like to make a difference to society through business and enterprise.
You may request for a membership brochure by sending an e-mail to

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