About Us

booksArtha Forum is a platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders and bringing to them the relevance of ” Earn with Integrity, Spend With Compassion”

Our Mission

  • To set up an online community with an aim to educate people that, rewards in life depend on the amount of contributions we make.
  • To showcase proven business models and create awareness among entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders to share the profits of business for helping society, through lectures, seminars and conferences.
  • To emphasize the importance of earning with integrity and spending with compassion
  • To work with next generation beneficiaries of family offices by helping them realign with family goals and making spirituality, charity and corporate social responsibility an integral part of their business.
  • To provide a platform to spirited entrepreneurs and benevolent business leaders to pool their resources and help society by providing financial and advisory help to build sustainable business and achieve self-dependence through business enterprise.

Artha refers to the notion of material prosperity. In the ancient Indian scripture – Vedas which means knowledge; there is a mention of the Purushartha – that which is sought by man or the four goals of life: dharma (religious, righteousness), artha (material or financial prosperity), kama (physical or emotional pleasure) and moksha (liberation)

Our Evolution

It all began in 1996 when three young men from three different walks of life got together to do something revolutionary.

They were :
Kushal Desai (APAR Industries)
Rajeev Srivastava (TCS & Mastek Software Services)
Sanjiv Maheshwari (Novartis).

In early 1995, Rajeev thought of starting his own IT business and wanted to do something with a difference, with charity at its core. He discussed with Kushal who was excited to explore the idea of a software company with these principles. Sanjiv was asked to join as CFO of the company. While all three of them came from very diverse backgrounds, they decided to come together and build an enterprise whereby they could serve society and at the same time create wealth without having any karma. They had a strong focus to leading a spiritual life and this really bound them together in an aligned vision.

Keeping in line with their moto “Earn With Integrity, Spend With Compassion” they pledged 50 % of the profits to various charitable projects under the aegis of His Holiness Radhanath Swami. Thus was born Apar Infotech Corporation from 1996-2006 (Later acquired by Ness Technologies). Radhanath Swami guided them “Make sure that in whatever you do, there is no greed and pride”.

They also started the Basil Growth Corp, a Private equity Fund,that invested in 8 niche technology companies. The model remains the same: part of the upside must go to charity! They humbly credit all their successes to the blessings of their saintly mentors and the hand of God!

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